IT and Computer Repair Services

Access Computer Solutions (ACS) offers a wide variety of services to meet your IT needs. Listed below are just some of the services we offer. If you have any questions about our services listed here, or one that may not be listed, please contact us and we will be glad to help.

Service Plans

  • Tired of having a large computer bill when the problems build up? With our new service contracts, we can remotely monitor your system to make sure your programs are up to date and running properly. Preventative maintenance will help you avoid major issues and find problems before they become critical.

    Maintenance Services Includes:

    -Installing Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office security patches and stability updates
    -Antivirus, Anti-spyware and Anti-adware program updates
    -Check logs for any viruses, adware or spyware.
    -Check for unnecessary programs
    -Check if backups are working properly, if applicable.
    -Reduced rates for remote services
    -Over 25% off of for site visit rates, when it can’t be fixed remotely

    All of this, for our introductory rate of just $12 per computer.

    Call today for a free quote. (530) 341-3336

  • Data backup is something that everyone needs. Whether it is a small or large business, or a individual with many family photos, it is very important to have a backup of your files you can’t do without. External drives are great for backup, as long as it is not the only location your files are stored (then that’s not a “backup”), yet they don’t protect again theft, fire, flood, and many other disasters. Online backup allows you to backup your data in the cloud and access it from anywhere when you need it.

    Worried about having too much data to upload with your internet speed? Not to worry! Our service allows you to encrypt your data to secure your info, load the important data on an external drive, and ship it to the service location where they will directly copy your data to the cloud. This will allow you to continue your backups as if you uploaded all of that data yourself.

    Unlike other online backup services, we monitor the status of your backups and can alert your when we find that your data isn’t being backed up correctly, and help you find out the issue.

    Our prices start at $0.50 per GB and we offer discounts when you offer larger amounts of data.

    We are also offering reduced rates to our Online Backup service subscribers.

    Call today for details and a free quote. (530) 341-3336

Standard Services

  • We go to you for On-Site services, rates are charged by the hour. If the service will take several hours and doesn’t need much interaction (i.e. waiting for virus scans to finish), we can take the computer back to our office to finish the service. This will be cheaper because we will only charge you for the time we are actively working on it.

    Give us a call to schedule an On-Site appointment.

    On-Site Computer Services Include:

    Computer Installation
    Computer Setup
    Data Protection
    e-Mail setup
    Peripheral installation / setup
    Printer troubleshooting

    Software Install
    Technology Consultation
    Wired/Wireless Networking

  • In-House services are when we work on your computer at our office. Free pickup and delivery is available, drop-off is by appointment only. Call to make an appointment today. We can also give you a quote over the phone.

    In-House Computer Services Include:

    Computer Setup
    Computer Tune-up
    Data Backup
    Data Recovery
    Email Setup
    Hardware Installation

    Hardware Repair
    Operating System Installation
    Software Install & Setup
    Technology Consultation
    Virus & Spyware Removal

    In-House Computer Services Include:

    Dusting out of system
    Windows 100% updated
    Web essential applications 100% updated (i.e Adobe Flash, Java, Adobe Reader)
    Antivirus Check

  • Apex Computer Services also proves a number of web based services. Prices will very by type and complexity of the service. Call for a quote. You can check out our showcase websites at

    Our Web Services Include:

    Web Site Design
    Web Site Development
    Web Site Hosting
    Custom e-Mail Addresses
    Domain Registration
    Hosted Exchange


10% off standard rates for senior citizens 65 & older, military and veterans, law enforcement, fire department and UC Davis students with valid ID card. Bulk discounts are available. Please call for a quote or to discuss your options.

Note – discounts do not apply to web services.